Play at Surwahi
with us

The principal highlight of this play area is that its majorly built using reusable elements of bamboo, old tyres and wooden logs procured locally within 60 KM radius of village Surwahi. Continuing a mark on sustainable ecological design, construction and environmentally rich habitats each element has been conceptualized to provide a fun-filled yet earthen experience to the children.

Swinging Bridge

Play at Surwahi is a large open area amidst a bunch of small and medium native trees dedicated for kids and adults to play. This outdoor section is unique to Surwahi Social with one and only of its kind in entire hospitality landscape of Kanha Tiger Reserve across Mukki, Khatia or Sarhi zones.


Play@Surwahi promotes not just fun but tries to bring an active lifestyle for the holistic wellness, family entertainment and holistic leisure to our dear kids as special resident guests right in the lap of nature.

Workout Activity Board

Last but not the least the place can be used for morning workouts with an interesting element called Workout Boards challenging individuals to have some physical movement like Squatting, Jumping, Skipping etc. Visit Surwahi Social Kanha to experience Play@Surwahi and bring back play in your life.

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