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The Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India is a famous and one of the top-visited national parks in the country. With the Royal Bengal Tiger, the thick growth of sal and bamboo trees, unique species like the Barasingha and different varieties of flora and fauna species, the place attracts thousands of visitors every year during the summer season.

The best eco-friendly homestays near kanha tiger reserve have evolved more on the thought process of providing guests a comfortable stay in the periphery of the green and thick forest cover while making an honest difference to the neighbourhood in the vicinity around.

Homestays Near Kanha National Park, MP

Guests get to taste authentic indigenous cuisine, are advised on the neighbouring sightseeing sites and best places to visit by the local owner, there are numerous anecdotes to share, and filled with personal care and warmth. There is a different kind of comfort here – tranquillity and peace and is also a means to generate income for the local community employed as support staff and caretakers.

Some of the ultimate unique homestays near Kanha National Park are:-

The Surwahi Social Kanha(SSK)

Slated for a soft opening at the end of this year, SSK is all set to be on the preferred list of home-stay accommodation in Kanha Tiger Reserve. The Phase 1 construction is almost over which will see the opening of a single 8-bed dormitory that is going to be characterized by top quality eco-friendly structure. The entire landscape has been divided into managed and unmanaged areas with simplistic and eco-friendly constructions visible all over.

There will be manmade wells and ponds offering opportunities for swimming, a play area that would be made with recycled materials, and the walls of the buildings will be adorned with local graffiti and paintings. One of the best homestays in kanha for its minimalistic and sustainable methods, the owners plan to inculcate and promote organic farming of grains, vegetables and fruits; and there are plans to practise rainwater harvesting and reforestation too.

During the construction phase, it has been taken care that the materials are transported using bullock carts and bicycles. In the future, the management plans to introduce e-bikes and e-cars. As per plans, the entire premise is scheduled to run on solar energy and the kitchen waste will be used for preparation of biogas that will be further used for cooking and boiling water; and will also be used as manure in the vegetable garden. The place, once it is up and running will be the right fit for tourists who want to enjoy the local natural components like crossing the Banjar River; indulge in tree climbing, rope rides, camping on the river beach, star gazing, visit to the Gangulpara Dam and waterfalls nearby. A special tower is being constructed on the premises that will offer a bird’s eye view of the forest and the river. One of the unique homestays near Kanha National Park, the place will be perfect for the holistic wellbeing of guests that includes mud bath and Japanese forest bathing, going for nature walks, participating in voluntary community work that is meant to empower the native Baiga and the Gond tribes, local potters and farmers; buy souvenirs from the local Haat, etc.

The owners plan to add a set of 4 Family Rooms, sit-out benches, an open-air amphitheatre, a 3D/4D indoor theatre, in-house production of dairy products, and facilitate fishing in the manmade ponds in the next phase of construction.

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Salban – the Kanha Homestay

A popular home-stay of Kanha, this simple low-rise building this is a home-stay in the true sense of the word. The place has two rooms – one a double-bedded room on the ground floor and the other a twin-bedded room on the first floor with a common living area on the ground floor that enables visitors to experience the quintessence of the forest and the nature in the most natural manner. Home-made fresh food made from vegetables grown in-house, this red brick-wall house is about 7 km from the Mukki gate of the National Park. The house is built on an area of 11 acres and most of it is covered with different species of plants, herbs and an organic vegetable garden.

Courtyard House, Kanha

Located on the periphery of the Kanha National Park – at Soona Ghat in the Buffer Zone of the Park in the rural hamlet of Patpara, the place has been done up tastefully keeping the local tribal culture and the British Indian architecture in mind. The place is close to the Khatia gate of the Park. Privately owned by a couple, the place has been made to provide tourists with super luxury accommodations surrounded by all modern amenities in the midst of the thick dense forest area and the isolation from the hustle-bustle of the city.

Gharounda Homestay, Sarhi, Kanha

This is another small little homely homestay accommodation in Kanha Tiger Reserve that has two rooms made in rustic village style. Then there is a dining space with a separate campfire area and also a Golghar or a round room. The construction has been done in alignment with the natural materials available here – thatched roofs, bamboos and even mats made from jute plants.

With minimal use of furniture, buckets for taking bath, air coolers and fans, a well-maintained lawn area, own jeep for jungle safari, authentic food, this place is about 1 km from the Sarhi gate of the Kanha National Park. Providing some awesome authentic healthy food with the one of the local village family being an owner of the place, the simplicity of the people along with the natural beauty makes for a memorable stay here.

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Kamp Kamouflage Kanha

Located at village Parsatola near the Kanha National Park(KNP) is harmony personified surrounded by stretches of Sal and Mahua trees and well-protected by bamboo trees keeping the basic elements of mother Earth intact.

Located in the buffer zone of the National Park, the highlight of this experiential home-stay near kanha national park are – the cottages and the treehouses that have been designed minimally and built using sustainable methods and materials with minimal disturbance to the flora and fauna of the place. Organic home-grown vegetables help prepare some tasty genuine local dishes while fruits from trees are plucked and served fresh to all the guests.

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Flame of forest

A home for the adventure-lovers in the wilderness of the forest, this stay was born out the owners’ passion to stay as close to nature as possible. Amidst the natural greenery of the Kanha National Park, the lodge is located in the Kuthwahi village under Rata Post Office in Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh. 2000 trees were planted manually, watered and carefully monitored so that the barren land could turn into a forest habitat with every part of the home-stay curated by hand by the local craftsmen. A passion of labor by the owner trio, this home-stay near kanha holds a great promise of a blissful stay on the outskirts of the Kanha.

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