Eco Friendly

Sustainable, also known as eco-friendly accommodation is a way to reduce our carbon footprint on our planet. It revolves around the use of renewable and efficient resources as building materials that help create a healthy environment with a minimal negative impact on the natural elements present around. The efforts are also focussed on reducing wastes thereby helping reduce costs.


Promoting concept of shared coliving in wilderness, this 8 bed dormitory with attached washrooms is one of the USP’s of SSK. Its a first of its kind building or wildlife hostel in India close to wildlife national park opening multiple opportunities for school and college students, booming millenials, Gen Y or Gen X aiming for differential stay options close to nature and forests. This mud crafted green coliving space will be suitable for solo backpackers or family travellers meant for soaking in central India’s one of the most widely acclaimed Tiger Reserve’s Kanha.

Enabling options to stay longer at optimum prices with customised comfort of home this Dorm at SSK will be ideal for travellers pursuing research, volunteering, studies or only leisure holidays. Bonding in an ecotourism habitat nurtured over last 4 years with help of local community will be absolute bliss for luxurious Dormitory guests of Surwahi Social. This Surwahi wildlife coliving place has been designed adhering to 100% accessibility guideliness offering disabled friendly toilet and ramps with necessary support. SSK aims to strive inclusivity more so in wildlife tourism making India a much more friendly and accessible destination along with sustainability. Phase I of SSK comprising of Dormitory area was done on 7th Oct 2019 and will be opened to guests in winter of 2020.

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Central Dining cum Kitchen Area

Surwahi Social will be treating its Dormitory and Homestay guest rooms near Kanha with lavish Central multipurpose building block. This central area will offer multitude of engaging options including Dining, Cooking, Lounging, Reading, Relaxing and Entertainment for SSK resident guests. This will also be ready by Summer of 2020.Central Dining Area this block is meant to become the central attraction for all guests of Surwahi Social Kanha brining elements of amalgamation, harmony and liveliness with nature. Framed on the concepts of conservation of light, energy, water and utilising local resources this central area posed a mammoth challenge in execution with its 16 feet high walls.

It is a unique 7 side Heptagon shaped central hall room (including 6 straight sides and one curved wall) with GI sheet roofing sloping inwards creating literally a funnel of almost 10 feet diameter opening at the centre. This entire roof is pillar less supporting itself on multiple iron purlin trusses cantilevered on 12-16 feet stabilised mud walls and minimal concrete bends brining a sense of grandeur and obstruction free airiness in the entire room. In addition there are sky lights in the open kitchen merging with locally procured clay pots embedded in the roof slab providing an innate design experience. For geometry buffs there are lot of triangular openings in this Heptagonal central area few acting as windows while other as minor shelfs embedded in the walls. Last but not least the funnel opens upto a circular dugout intended for fishes or lotuses as a small pond inside the hall highlighting the harmonious presence of water, sky, sun or moon and air while still indoors. [Check: Food to Carry While Traveling with Children]

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Ecotourism Homestay

There is nothing more ecological than a traditional Indian Home be it in any part of country. Staying in a home hosted by an indiavidual or family in rural hinterland of India is true essence of Atithi Devo Bhavo philosphy. This incredible experience of Indian Hospitality will be very much possible at Surwahi Social Kanha as its 4 proposed family rooms come up by 2021.

While there is still some wait but these planned equisite rooms with attached washrooms will be leading alternate accommodation practices in Khatiya Gate area of KNP. Kanha Homestay rooms has been constructed ecologically stringently adopting local age old sustainable practices with minimal engineering improvisations for strength and longevity.

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