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Late delivery, No Customer Support, keeping crucial tracking out of reach. Most shippers are familiar with these situations. No need to worry about these issues if you are in touch with Shekar Logisctics.

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Our trucks are plying all over South India, covering four major states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. We are handling and transporting around 1,40,000 MT per month avg. of various materials like coils, rods, sheets, TMT etc.,

We are responsible for receiving, unloading, stacking and transporting to various destinations as per the customers’ requirement. M/s Tata Steel Ltd., has appointed Shekar Logistics as their Consignment Agents at their stock yards at Gannavaram (Vijayawada), Tiruninravur (Chennai), Ramamurthy Nagar (Bangalore), Hubli and Hyderabad.

Our primary jobs includes

  • Unloading the materials from Wagaons / Trucks / Trailers at various yards
  • Stacking material at the respective place
  • Transporting the materials to various customers in various destinations through our trucks as per the directions of M/s Tata Steel Ltd.,
  • Delivery of material to various customers at the respective yards as per the directions of M/s Tata Steel Ltd.,

ISO 9001 – 2008 Certified Company Our company is an ISO 9001-2008 Certified company by QMS Certification services.

Bank Approved Transporter Our company is the Bank approved transporter & Approval No is - BGS 1705


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Meet our group of companies

Check out our group of companies which helps us in providing reliable logistics solution across different cities of India. Client satisfaction and delivery on time is our prime focus.

Shekar Logistics Pvt Ltd.

We are mainly associated with Tata Steel Ltd. and are handling the distribution of steel products all over South India through their yards in Vijayawada, Bangalore.

We provide following services:
  • Road Transport
  • Unloading materials
  • Stacking materials
  • Transporting materials
  • Delivery of materials

M/s Viswanatha Iyer & Co.

M/s Viswanatha Iyer & company is one of the leading Class 1 Civil engineering contractors for South Western Railways with three decades of vast experience.

We provide following services:
  • Pioneer in transportation
  • Civil Engineering Contractors
  • Construction of Bridges
  • Construction of Roads
  • Construction of Railway tracks

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Our Area of expertise

From handling of bulk Steel to transportation of materials to different destinations we got you all covered.

Handling Bulk Steel

Primary in bound steel comes by road and rail to large stockyards. We specialize in last mile distribution for our customers.

Unloading Materials

Our primary job includes unloading the materials from the Wagons / Trucks / Trailers at various yards.

Transportation of Materials

Transporting the materials to various customers in various destinations through our trucks as per the directions of our customers.

Milk Run

Handling milk run for Toyota (within a single plant covering large areas).

Our vehicle Fleet

We are proud of our vehicle fleet accumulated over the years. This is the story of how we came to Canopy Trailors from Tractor Trailers.

Canopy Trailors

Mr. Iyer with Bangalore Stockyard Staff

Mr. Iyer with his First Rapier Crane

Mr. Iyer with his First Rapier Crane

Purchase of First New Rapier Crane

SLPL Trailor Fleet - Double Axle

Tadano Crane

Tractor Trailers utilized for shifting steel

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