Tata officials in diferent yards

We have close relations with TATA Officials. Supply of TATA Steel across south india is all handled by us.

Tata Officials

Here are some of our memorable moments with TATA Officials.

Ranging from inauguration of super soccer to inauguration of our stockyards.

Inauguration of Super Soccer @ Bangalore

Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, Founder of Tata Group

Mr. Aditya Kashyap at Hyderabad Stockyard during High Tea Party

Mr. Aditya Kashyap inspecting Sheet Godown at Bangalore Stockyard

Mr. Aditya Kashyap with Bangalore Stockyard Staff

Mr. Aditya Kashyap's Visit to Bangalore Stockyard

Mr. Chandrashekar Viswanath with Mr. Ratan Tata

Mr. Iyer felicitating Mr. Modi, Branch Manager @ Bangalore

Mr. Iyer with Mr. Subburaman during inauguration of Hyderabad Stockyard

Mr. JRD Tata, Founder of Tata Steel

Mr. Kashyap at Bangalore Stockyard

Mr. Kashyap chatting with Bangalore Stockyard Labourers

Mr. Muthuraman being honored by Mr. Iyer during his visit to Bangalore

Mr. Russi Mody - Visit in Delhi Stockyard after Remodelling

Mr. Russi Mody's Visit to Delhi Stockyard

Press Conference During Super Soccer League in Bangalore