Our stockyards which makes it possible for us to store and deliver all the orders.


Our stockyards are present in various cities across south india. We have presence in all the big cities in south india

Some of our stockyards are present in big cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad etc. Our presence in all the big cities makes it possible for us to manage huge amount of logistics service.

Chennai Stockyard - Inauguration

Chennai Stockyard - Old

Chennai Stockyard

Chennai Stockyard

Chennai Stockyard

Development of Hyderabad Stockyard

Inauguration of Chennai Stockyard

Inauguration of Tata Steel Ltd - Tirunninravur Stockyard in 1989

Inauguration of Tata Steel Stockyard @Channasandra, Bangalore by Governor of Karnataka

Mr. Aditya Kashyap with Mr. Iyer at Panvel Stockyard, Mumbai (inauguration)

Mr. Iyer with Mr. Bache Gowda during Ayudha Puja Celebrations @ Bangalore Stockyard

Mr. Iyer with Mr. Subburaman at Hyderabad Stockyard - First Rake Handling

Vijayawada Stockyard