Who We Are

We see a huge demand for logistics solution in India. Solutions that delivers on time and provide complete tracking

The company is presently driven by a strong work force of 450 employees which includes 230 drivers and cleaners. All the statutory regulations and safety procedures are followed with utmost care and regular training & mock sessions are conducted. We have grown from strength to strength over the years and Tonnage transported are here under.

YEAR Tonnage (MT)
2005 – 2006 1,81,220
2006 - 2007 2,10,535
2007 – 2008 3,13,095
2008 – 2009 4,05,012
2009 – 2010 4,59,713
2010 – 2011 5,15,145
2011 – 2012 5,61,110
2012 – 2013 7,10,343
2013 – 2014 7,56,014

We could able to achieve this business turnover because of the support and orders from the big industry majors and corporates.

The entire operations are supported by 250 nos owned trailers of various types like Prima, double House, Triple axle and double axle trucks & hired vehicles and in addition to that the company also owns various types of handling equipments. We also have earned enormous Good Will from the market vehicle and also capable of moving more significant tonnages in the future.

With this strong support of highly motivated manpower & machinery and with the growing economy & growing logistics service the company is on the lookout of good opportunities and look forward to give the best of its services.


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Reasons To Choose Us

We provide the roadmap of reliable logisctics solutions. Why we are ahead of our competitors? Check it out below

Safety Packaging

As a logistics company we make sure that every order is placed safely.

Fast Delivery

Our vehicle fleet work 24*7 to reach the desired destinatio in no time.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance to meet needs now and anticipate future.

Logistics leader

Spanning over 3 decades of time. We have gained huge experience in the market.

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Materials Transported

Handling and transportation of materials like Steels Coils, TMT Roads, Sheets, Wires etc. are all done by us.

Steel Coils

TMT Roads