We have acquired certificates from many renowned organizations. Some of the honourable mentions can be seen through our certificates gallery


We are certified by Tata Supplier Relationship Management, Best Vendor Shekar Logistics, Rotary Internatinal etc. Our company leader has recieved lot of awards for the brilliance in logistics field.

To name a few we have recieved Best vendor award given by TATA steel, Eximstar Award, MD TSL honor

Best Vendor 2011 - Shekar Logistics

Rotary Internatinal - Benefactor

TATA - Supplier Relationship Management

Most Improved Stockyard - Chennai

Vishwanath Iyer - Hole in One

Boston Foundation for Sight

Mr Asish Gupta letter IMP

Rotary Club

Eximstar Award

Mr. TV Narendran, MD TSL honoring Mr. Chandrashekar, Shekar Group of Companies

Best vendor award given by TATA steel managing Director Mr T V Narendran to Shkear Logistics